Oct 3, 4, 5,

        "One Sunday morning in April 1975,
John and I were awakened by a
gentleman knocking on the door of our ranch home.
 The man explained that he was part of a rockhound club
that had planned to visit Valley Springs Moss Agate,
but that the trip had been cancelled. 
Would it be possible, he asked, for the members
 of the club to go "rock hounding"
on the Snyder Ranch?

Previous experience with allowing public access
 to the ranch had not always been positive.   The rockhound
 took pains to explain how responsible rock hounds are,
and pledged to leave the ranch in as
good or better condition than they found it.

The big day came, and, true to his word, the ranch was left clean.
Then more and more "rockhounds" came to spend the weekend at
our ranch.  The idea of organizaing a "rock hound pow wow "event
along the lines of Quartzite or the powwows in Oregon and Arizona
took hold.    So, John and I, our 4 daughters and 3 sons-in-law
went about arranging the hundreds of things that need to be done in
order to organize and manage an event the scale of our Powwow.

Over the last 30 years the ranch has continued inviting "rockhounds"
every May.   Expanding to gems, jewelry, silversmithing, fossils, and
many more of our earth's treasures has helped us grow enormously.

Returning vendors have become more than just "rockhounds:"  they
are treasured friends we look forward to seeing.   Our powwow
family has extended to dozens of volunteers who help make every
detail go smoothly.   Their smiles and dedication make every
powwow a wonderful experience!

So come join us for the 39th annual Valley Springs Powwow!"

In Memoriam

Betty Snyder
July 11, 1925 - Feb 1st, 2013

Valley Springs Powwow

1290 Paloma Rd.,
Valley Springs, CA

mailing address:

p.o.box 1777, Valley Springs 95252
(209) 772-9977

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